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Evangelism Through Sister-Church Links 

In Jesus' Great Commission for the Christian church Jesus stated "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.  Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world [age].  Amen."  Going into and teaching all nations entails a lot more than supporting your own denomination or congregation with your tithes and offerings.  In other parts of this section on evangelism you have seen some tools that Christians can and do use to go into all the nations of the world and teach them about Jesus, teaching them the gospel.  You know we are in a spiritual warfare as we fight to get the gospel of Christ and his kingdom into all nations.  In any real war you have the front lines, and you have the nation or nations that manufacture the weapons, ammunition, equipment and food to help those on the front battle lines to wage the war.  The Christian churches that are in the vicinity of where evangelism is on the move, penetrating nations that are as yet not totally reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ, can be considered the forward bases of operations.  These forward bases of operations often do the brunt of the work in evangelizing into parts of the world we would have to expend great amounts of money and resources to effectively reach if we were to try it ourselves, and yet they do it with a minimum of resources and often operate on a shoestring.  If we evangelized like some of these spiritual troopers we'd be a Christian nation again.  If a congregation or group of congregations are doing it better than we could, and for less, then it would make sense to supply these congregations by forming sister-church relations or links with them.  This can be done by finding out what Christian church congregations are evangelizing heavily in their part of the world and forming a sister-church link between your congregation and theirs.  How effective is this method?  You must be aware of the rapid spread of the Calvary Chapel movement, not just across the United States, but now around the world.  They started out as one tiny congregation of 25 people in Costa Mesa, California in the early 1970's.  To see how the Lord inspired Pastor Chuck Smith with a highly effective model of ministry that grew this one individual congregation, and all the others to follow as independent affiliates click on "Powerful Concepts of Ministry" and read all the articles in that section.  But how in the world can a group of independent affiliate congregations spread around the world with no centralized collection of funds, as is done in most centrally run denominations with a Headquarters church?  When I was a member of a tiny Calvary Chapel congregation (it was 12 members when I first started attending and grew to 125 members in 2.5 years!), just about the time when I left them, their pastor said he was taking about a quarter of the tithe/offerings donated every month and sending them to a tiny Calvary Chapel congregation that was starting up in York, England.  I remember wondering what this could have to do with evangelism.  I realize in hindsight as I studied the Calvary movement that with them evangelism is a local event, taking place when one highly motivated individual evangelizes to another person he knows who is not born-again, both by his or her good example and by word of mouth.  The congregation grows.  But when a congregation is small the pastor still must be paid and the hall rented where they meet.  How is that done with 12 members?  It is done by the financial support of sister-churches.  As the congregation being supported grows sufficiently to support themselves, they too start supporting others further out in and around the world.  Want to see how far Calvary Chapel's have spread around the world?  Log onto and click on "Churches".  First click on the U.S. map, and then on the "International" map.  Remember this movement or Christian revival started out as one tiny 25 member congregation in Costa Mesa, California back in the early 1970's.

        But you don't have to support your own tiny congregations in remote places of the world.  You can support congregations in non-Christian and remote parts of the world that you may learn are carrying the gospel of Jesus Christ powerfully to the nations around them as well as to their own nation.  I will give you two such examples. The story which follows is the story of a group of congregations in Irian Jaya (formerly Borneo).   The other is a Christian orphanage/old age home in South India which would love to form a sister-church link with a Christian church congregation in the United States (or England), or even form a few of these links with congregations over here in the US.  Currently the tiny (and financially destitute) ministry of UNITYINCHRIST.COM (run entirely on my own tithes and offerings) is supporting this tiny ministry in South India.  I call these thirteen children "my kids".  (We write back and forth to each other!  They're wonderful-and in such great need.)  Be sure to log on.  They're beautiful children.  You can also email their head pastor, and he will email you in person about the orphanage. 








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