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The JESUS Film Project

Some have asked my why I chose to highlight Campus Crusade for Christ International and their JESUS Film Project in my section "Tools of Evangelism: national and international" above all the other fine evangelistic organizations. One main thing I was looking for in an evangelistic organization was a group that appeared to be helping the other evangelistic groups the most with their own resources and field training. Campus Crusade for Christ International and their JESUS Film Project met this criteria. I found three other reasons:

  1. They are a non-denominational group that has produced some of the most effective tools for evangelism in the national and international realm of any group going.
  2. Also, they make their evangelism tools available without discrimination to any Christian denomination or evangelistic group wishing to use them to spread the gospel message. (This includes field training.)
  3. The JESUS Film is strictly non-denominational in its content, being a direct transcript of the book of Luke put to a movie script. The one thing that makes the JESUS film's method of preaching "this gospel of the kingdom around the world" so desirable is that it can be interdenominationally supported and distributed without doctrinal differences getting in the way. Says respected evangelist Billy Graham, and I quote, "In Matthew 24 Jesus declared that prior to His second coming to earth the gospel of the Kingdom would be preached to the whole world. Perhaps God is using this film JESUS, as one of the means to hasten the day when "every knee shall bow" before our great King."

Below find some interesting statistics showing what the JESUS Film Project has already accomplished in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

Research now indicates that more than 4 billion people (4,000,000,000) have watched the "JESUS" film or video... Here are the latest cumulative statistics:

Year 1997 1998 1999 2000
Language Translations 435 483 558 640
Number Of Viewers 1.2 billion 11.6 billion 3.3 billion 4 billion
Indicated Decisions 57 mil. 83 mil. 108 mil. 121 mil.

Careful research has shown that 4 billion people have now viewed "JESUS." 16mm film teams and television broadcasts have played major roles. As we penetrate deeper into unreached frontiers, the job becomes more challenging, requiring use of videocassettes, DVDs, VCDs, satellite TV and radio broadcasts.

[The Story of Jesus for Children Video]

This new project has exceeded all expectations! "The Story of Jesus for Children" is based on the original "JESUS" film and incorporates a new fictional sub-story of six children as they observe Jesus and interact about the events in His life. The response has been overwhelming. Organizations like Child Evangelism Fellowship have requested 400,000 copies. More than 25 translations are planned for the next year. Since half the world's population is under 16 years old, it is expected that "The Story of Jesus for Children" will play a major role in allowing every person on earth to see "JESUS."

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association again hosted a remarkable conference for an estimated 10,000 evangelists who came to Amsterdam. The JESUS Film Project led a special part of the conference for strategists in evangelism. Out of Amsterdam 2000 came a strategic commitment to reach [the] 253 remaining unreached people groups with the gospel. Most missions groups represented are using the "JESUS" film as a key part of their efforts. [emphasis mine]

No one organization, denomination or church could ever reach the world alone. Fulfilling the Great Commission requires wide and committed cooperation. We believe the "JESUS" film belongs to the church world wide. Through more than 1,180 partnerships, we now provide the film in 640 languages--along with equipment, training, and extensive follow-up materials. Partnering organizations help supply the personnel and the follow-up care for new believers. [emphasis mine]

Covering the world with the gospel means taking the good news to every person. [cf. In Matthew 24:14 Jesus prophecied we would do just exactly that!--Dr. Billy Graham thinks the JESUS film may be one of the chief ways this prophecy will become fulfilled speedily. I think these statistics show how that is happening. Want to know why I highlight the JESUS Film Project? So that Day of our Lord's return may be hastened!]

One of the biggest challenges we and many partners face is effective follow-up of new believers. With the rapid increase of people coming to Christ, new partnerships are helping to nurture and disciple new converts and plant new churches for continued growth. Audiocassettes of the "JESUS" film, distributed after a showing, are not only proving to be a highly effective tool for follow-up, but actually introduce additional people to the gospel." [These statistics and descriptions excerpted from JESUS Film Project literature.]

So now I think you can understand why I highlight the JESUS Film Project as an effective tool for national and international evangelism. The excerpts from the book I Just Saw JESUS which follow this introduction give a dramatic view of the JESUS film teams in action. After reading the following excerpts if you would like to consider donating an offering, or having your congregation contribute jointly for a contribution so that this gospel of the kingdom might be proclaimed around the world (Matthew 24:14), you can contribute by mail. Simply make your checks payable to: The JESUS Film Project, and mailing them to The JESUS Film Project, P.O. Box 72007, San Clemente, CA 92674-2007. Or you can contribute online and learn more about the JESUS Film Project by clicking on I honestly believe in what Jesus is doing through these fine and dedicated Christians, and because of that, I contribute a portion of my tithes to their cause. It is not the amount one can give to a worthy organization the Lord has raised up, but the attitude of Give behind the gift. If every Christian reading this just gave $5.00 a week, the JESUS Film Project might receive the resources needed to bring Matthew 24:14 to pass very speedily, and further hasten Jesus' return. Christian, the finish line is in sight. What are we going to do about it?

To read about how a JESUS film team operates and also see some of the perilous conditions they work under read the following excerpts from I Just Saw JESUS. These film team crews are definitely on the front battle lines of evangelism, and face hazards at times that the most seasoned soldiers would find frightening. Don't believe me? Read on.

"To see how you can personally help promote international evangelism and make difference for Christ around the world without ever stepping foot outside your house, CLICK HERE."



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