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Blessi Orphanage Home

Statement of Recommendation


I first met Syam Sundar online about four years ago (this being September 2009), one of a small group of three pastors in southeast India who was running a tiny orphanage they called The Blessi Orphan Home.  Soon he had sent me photo’s of each child under his care, 16 in all at that time.  Pastor Syam is just as legitimate as the thousands of other struggling pastors in India seeking to do a good work for Jesus.  At the time I met him and became acquainted with his orphanage ministry they were literally operating on a shoe-string financially.  The tsunami that killed so many in Southeast Asia also hit the southeast coast of India, wiping out all the churches near the shore that had been supporting the Blessi Orphan Home.  So began a three year relationship between UNITYINCHRIST.COM and Syam and these precious children.  I have corresponded with all the children repeatedly, and their English has been steadily improving in their hand-written letters, which for them is a second language, where most children their age only know one language, their mother-tongue. At times I have also spoken to them on the phone when Syam has called me.  Most were in grade-school when our relationship started, but recently Syam has sent me new photographs of the children, many of them now in the junior high to high school level of their education, and they have all maintained very good grades in school. The Blessi Orphan Home has now been officially registered with the Indian government as a legitimate Christian orphanage under the name name Link To Hope Ministries.  I had been supporting Syam’s Christian orphanage for three years,  but on August 1st, 2008 I retired and became one of the many “retired on a small fixed income”, and had to cease sending steady offerings to the Blessi Orphan Home.  (I was able give Syam eight months notice of this life-change event, which occurred on August 1, 2008.)  But no matter what Syam and the other two pastors choose to officially call their Christian orphanage, I heartily recommend that any pastor or church looking to invest in India step out in faith and help these precious children and the Christian orphanage they are a part of.  The orphanage now has sixteen children in it, and also supports four widows as of now. (To send personal inquiries, email me c/o )



Pete Benson



"Dear loving beloved friend in Christ,

Greetings to you in the most precious name of the Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  Indeed its my great privilege to have in touch with you through letter.  By the grace of God, according to Romans 8:28 you are introduced me by the inter net Christian web site guest book so now I am introducing myself to you.  [Pastor K. Syam Sundar somehow logged onto my website UNITYINCHRIST.COM and signed in the guestbook section.]  I am Pastor K. SYAM SUNDAR. I am writing you with kind heart with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Now I am working as Evangelist in Stuartpuram among scheduled tribes "Yerukulas".  I have started small Church and I established another church in Gavinvaripalem village.  The above said two villages are in boarder of Bay-of-Bengal.  I am conducting Evangelism independently without any denomination backup.  Here I am working as Evangelist, spreading the word of God Lord Jesus Christ.  I am working among the  (Yerukulas Caste) Tribal Community.  More people are Dacoites, among the (Yerukulas Caste) Tribal Community.  More people are Dacoites, robbers and Criminals; their activities are robbery and criminals in daily routine of life.  These tribal people facing harassment and arrests by the police, because in the Stuartpuram village 70% persons and more people [whose] daily occupation is thefts.  They are belonging to Yerukulas Tribal caste.  More people doing regularly thefts and go to jails like as long term 7 years, 14 years, 10 years etc living in prisons. 

          In these circumstances their childrens or Dependants suffering with food less and cloth less and careless.  The Dependants of criminals will become as orphans.   Those are again will become as criminals, dacoits and robbers like as their parents.  Nearly 3000 peoples are living in Stuartpuram they belong to Yerukulas scheduled tribes.  More people stealing many times police caught the robbers and sent them to the prisons.  Police have robbers arrested their family persons and starvation changes them as [to] robbers.  Some robbers live [leave] their family members, mainly children, crying with hungry for minimum needs here we are identified some children (Orphans).  When we found them they were unsheltered and away from comfort and parental love.  We have orphanage children in which we are looking [after] 11 children.  [It's now up to 13, and this guy has no money.]  We need some generous sponsors to take up care of [at] least one of them.  In fact, their condition is very pathetic.  Please remember them in your regular prayers.  Allow me to tell you about the orphanage system, and explain to you about the exiting [existing] conditions of orphan children in India.  Here, these orphans are increasing day by day at a rapid rate. Because of their family disorganized conditions, in the lapse of their beloved parents, and due to the diastase [disasterous?] conditions of natural calamities, these orphans are a generation on geometrical progression.  Am searching for a heavenly person like you in order to look into the need of our orphan children-Little support extended by you shall save the lives of our orphan children, and it shall be a heavenly blessing for you.  Please pray and make a plan for the poor.

[K. Syam Sundar's ministry includes the following:]

  1. Our daily gospel at our outreach areas and far away sites.
  2. Running one orphanage.
  3. Hosting some of our destitute people
  4. Conducting of pastor's conferences and youth conferences.
  5. Working on the welfare of women.
  6. Arranging some crusades, and seminars, symposia and workshop meetings.
  7. Conducting of free health and medical camps when ever necessary.
  8. Arranging relief network due to natural calamities like cyclones, fire victims and floods.
  9. We are helping some street people.

I request you, your congregation and your friends to help us in any way possible immediately.   God will bless, you According to Matthew 25-35-40 [Matthew 25:35-40] we are already thanking our Lord and savior for abundantly using of you for the spread of His word.  My best wishes to you and to your church people and your friends.  If you want I will send you my ministry report detailed photo's you pray for orphanage supporters.  It passable [possible] work with us.  I shall wait at your prayfully reply.

Thanking you in his precious name,


Serving the Master,



Bapatla -522101

Guntur (Dist)

Andhra Pradesh South India.

Pin: -522101

[If you wish to support this Christian orphanage, checks can be made out to K. Syam Sundar and sent to the above address (in bold).


Dear loving beloved brother in Christ,

Warm greetings to you in the name of jesus Christ.  Thank you so  much for your excellent letter.  Thank you so much for sent the check to us and thank you for your address.  Today I given your address to the children's they feel very happy.  They will write letters to you.  When I receive your check I will surly write you.  Yesterday [as we got] near our orphanage home one person [in the neighborhood closeby] died with AIDS he has two childrens [,] his wife also near death.  When I went to pray for the family my heart is totally broken because children's crying for the food [.]  how can she feed the children's because she also in the death point.  I prayed for them. And I came bake [back].  When I rech the home God told me if your in that children's position what you do.  I am cried and went back and I bring that children's [,] they are with us.  So please pray for them.  Now our orphanage home totally 13 children's [.]  If you want I will send our orphanage home children's photos and our gospel ministry photos to you.  OR [if] you want you want send anybody to check our ministry OR you want to visit us we are always welcome to you.  Please pray for us God will provide our food and clothes.  Convey our heartily wishes and our loving kisses to you and your blesses family and your friend and your ministry peoples.  Close with love and eagerly wait for your favorable reply

                                                                             thanking you

your beloved brother in Christ

Pastor.K.syam sundar

How I inspired by to start and run the orphanage: - first of I just want introduce my testimony to you who am I. I am basically come from traditional Hindu back ground.   When I was in my childhood I lose my father because of my poor situation. My mother has given me to my uncle for feeding at me. I grown up like an orphan my uncle have big family no one care for me and no one helps me for my studies. I practically experienced how orphan struggle for his physical needs. Right after my graduation I studied so many Hindu theology but I didn't satisfy. In 1995 I hard gospel from one of the pastor. By the same day I accepted Jesus Christ is my personal savior. After my theology I started to do the ministry I was visited so many villages. I saw so many families destroyed by the darkness of the AIDS. And so many broken families. Their children have become orphans. When I saw them I felt like to do some thing for them. Because of my poor situation I didn't do any thing for them, [except] I was visited and pray for them and I use to come back. Since my child hood I stayed among the yarukula tribal peoples their occupation is steeling and thefting and dacoite. In they were working process the use to get AIDS their children's become an orphans they use to struggle for food and home less. When I saw them my heart fill with compassion. Since 1996 God put me great burden in my heart for the orphans. I was started to praying for the orphanage home. Last year God open the door to start the orphanage home. With little support from the local peoples. God spoke to me very specifically about the orphans and their needs. I was cried and started by faith only in this orphanage.

About Our orphanage children's education: - we are sending our orphanage children's to the Government school. There they're learning their secular studies like social studies, science and mathematics and English. They use to provide education only they use to appoint the teachers and they use to pay their salaries. But we have to buy their books and study materials and their stationary. And yearly they use to conduct their examination we have to pay their exam fees. But this is not much better quality education teachers never care for the children's just they use to teach them only ad send them back they don't care about they are learning OR not. Here we have some of the Christian English medium convents. It's a private schools they use to take care the children's very care fully and they use to encourage them the children's and they use to teach the better quality education. Here we have to pay monthly school fees and we have to buy their books and studies materials and stationary. it mean we are not giving better quality education for the children's because of our poor situation. We are praying for sending for the convent education. Everyday morning 8-30am they use go for school and they use to be back 12-30 for the lunch and 1-30pm they sue to go for the school. And they use to be back 4-30pm evening 5-00pm I use to take the special class and I use to teach the bible small stories and I use to teach the devotional songs.7-00pm dinner and 8-00 to 9-00 prayer time. This is their daily schedule.

About our accomodation: - we are staying under the leaves roof house. When rain comes we have to stay under the rain. When sunshine comes like summer season we have to stay under sunshine only. We don't have cot and bed facility. We have to sleep on the floor only. We are praying for the proper accomodation for the orphan children's.

About our food facility: - everyday for one child needed RS 30 (Indian currency) for her/his food. Within this budget we can give breakfast and lunch and dinner. We can give nutrias [nutritious] food like nonage.  Because of our financial problems we are spending rs7 only. It means we are not giving proper and sufficient food for the children's. We are praying for the proper food for the children's.

About our entertainment;- we don't have ant entertainment facilities we don't have play ground for the children's playing. Some times we they use to feel like to watch Christian moves [movies] we don't have. Like kind of T.V facility also. We are praying for the some of the entertainment facilities for the orphans.

In this surcumstace we are running the orphanage home. Through this letter you can understand how much we are struggle for the proper needs.  Childrens say their heartily lovily hugs to you and to your family and to your friends.convey our heartily greeatings to your church congrigation and to your blessed family. close with love and wait for youe faviourble reply.

thanking you in his lovely name,    

your brother in Christ.

K.syam sundar

[K. Syam Sundar, Pastor of this Christian orphanage home located in South India first made contact with me through the Guestbook section of http://www.UNITYINCHRIST.COM.  The web ministry of UNITYINCHRIST.COM is currently making a steady $30 a month offering to the orphanage to help them buy food for the children.  If upon reading this entire article your heart moves you to lend support to this tiny Christian orphanage ministry, it is far more important that your offerings be steady than large.  This man's ministry could turn into one like George Mueller's in England.  Well over 2,000 orphan's were raised in George Mueller's orphan houses in 1800's England, and most of them probably become devoted Christians.  See  Make your checks payable directly to K. Syam Sundar and mail them to this address (the address of the orphan home):

K. Syam Sundar


Bapatla -522101

Guntar (Dist)Andhra Pradesh South India

Pin: -522101


[first letter received by one of the orphanage children on 3 May 2006 (I have received four at this point in time, each in their own handwriting).]


Dear Love, Dad Benson

My name is Bala Rajn I am FP DM BAPALIA stuuant purm. I am studying 3rd class. My dad is died with aids my mom died wh' T-B I am orphan I don't have anybody. I am staying by Am Sir hostal. Thank-you for sending money for our food I am everyday praying for you. Please pray for me my sweet kiss to you. Please send your photo.


                                                                             A. Bala Raju


Name: Kamalaker


Date of Birth: 3rd June 1996


Age: 12.5 years old


Sex: Male


School grade: 2nd Standard



Special Attributes:  He is physically weak but clever, thinks clearly and prays without anyone’s compelling him to. 







Name: Sharon Rani


Date of Birth:  10th March 1995


Age: almost 14 years old


Sex: Female


School grade: 7th standard


Special attributes: Sharon is very humble, and very active in reading the Bible and memorizing Scriptures.


































Name: Draksha Valli


Date of Birth: 7th December 1997


Age: 12 years old


Sex: Female


Special attributes:  She has dancing skills and is very creative.










Name: Rathamma


Date of Birth: 25th February 1998


Age: 11 years old


Father’s name: Nageswar Rao


Mother’s name: Mariyamma


School grade: 3rd Standard


Special attributes:  She is active in sports.








Name: Bulaiah Rani


Date of Birth: 10th November 1998

Age: 10 years old

Sex: Female


School grade: 1st Standard


Father’s name: Sriramulu

Mother’s name: Maleswari


Special attributes:  The girl is very beautiful, and when asked “What do you want to become?” she says, “I will become a doctor and serve the poor.”































Name: Monica


Sex: Female


Date of Birth: 22nd June 1995


Age: 13 years old


Father’s name: Eliiah


Mother’s name: Kagiya


School grade:  4th Standard



Special attributes:  She is very active and humble.




Name: Hepsiba


Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 14th January 1997

Age: 12 years old


School grade:  2nd Standard


Father’s name: Manikya Roa

Mother’s name: Rthumma



Special attributes:  She is good looking, and works very hard, with a servant’s heart.  She has an active good memory. 




Name: Symala


Date of Birth: 13th November 1994

Age: 14 years old

Sex: Female


Father’s name: Ananda Rao

School grade: 2nd Standard


Special attributes:  She is a very good singer.  She studies well and her teachers like her very much.  She is humble and tolerant. 











Name: Pricilla


Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 16th January 1996

Age:  13 years old.


Father’s name: Paulu

Mother’s name: Bhushi


School grade: 2nd Standard


Special attributes:  She is prayerful, clever and active in church activities.




Name: Joseph


Sex: Boy

Date of Birth: 17th March 1994

Age: 14 years old


Father’s name: Cornelian

Mother’s name: Padmaja


School grade:  4th Standard


Special attributes:  Loves sports.






Name: Pinky


Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 22nd April 1999

Age: 9 years old


Father’s name: Chenna

Mother’s name: Salom


School grade:  1st Standard



Special attributes:  Mentally well in memory and thinking and pray well.

































Name: Bindu

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 7th August 1999

Age: 9 years old


Father’s name: Samuel

Mother’s name: Punnamma


School grade: 2nd Standard


Special attributes:  Bindu is a very beautiful girl with a sharp mind.  She is very shy. 





Name: Sudhakar


Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 10th June 1998

Age: 10 years old


School grade:  4th Standard



Special attributes:  He is very good at praying.  He also can play the game of cricket very well.  He is always obedient to the Lord. 











Name: Koteswari


Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 4th June 2000

Age: 8 years old


School grade:  3rd Standard


Special attributes:  She is very good at prayer.  She also can sing and dance very well, and she is always obeying the Lord.













The Blessi Orphan Home children eating and sleeping in their new rented quarters, giving them a solid roof over their heads for the coming rainy season. 


The photographs that follow are the dedication of the new rented building for the children and the children standing in the front of it.  It’s been at least 2 and a half years since I put this article together, and these are updated photos of the children and their improved circumstances.  It’s been a slow and hard up-hill fight for this tiny Christian orphanage, but they’re making it, and any money sent is well worth it.  They are advancing in their grade levels, and their teachers love them. 















Should you desire to start donating to this worthy orphanage ministry in South India, first settle it in your heart that these offerings need to be made steadily.  It's better to budget a smaller amount that can be made on a weekly or biweekly basis (or monthly), than to donate big and then have nothing left to continue.  Remember, as this orphanage grows, as it will, it is steady offerings which will feed and care for the children more than a big one-time offering and then nothing.  Make you checks payable to: K. Syam Sundar  and mail them to:



Bapatla -522101

Guntar (Dist)

Andhra Pradesh South India

Pin: -522101

His email:


Link to Hope Ministries : October Report Click Here


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