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Who is Jesus?

The following is a message from Elvin L. Ridder, Campus Crusade for Christ.

Greetings in the name of Jesus!

Read that opening line again. This is a familiar greeting to you I'm sure. Stop and think about why I would open with this line in so many of my messages and you'll uncover the purpose of this message.

The name of Jesus is more powerful, more meaningful, and more enduring than any other name in the history of mankind and I'm sure you know why. It is for these reasons that you have committed your life to serving Him. But there are so many people out there who don't know this name, who don't even realize who Jesus is!

At no other time are we more acutely aware of this truth than in the aftermath of horrible situations like the nightmare at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO where twelve students lost their lives. I have been told from a credible source that eight of the twelve kids were evangelical Christians and several of these precious students intended to enter full-time ministry after graduation. They were acutely aware of the message I'm trying to bring home today-People need the Lord!

And that's why we have created a couple websites to address this issue. I'm talking about the "Who is Jesus" websites-two different websites-both serving to introduce people to Jesus. Both of these sites testify to who Jesus is, why his life was so important, and what it all has to do with you and I.(

The difference between the two versions is that one, the interactive version, is a little more "intense." It goes to greater lengths and covers more background material to establish the intellectual credibility of Jesus the Messiah. This version is a comprehensive journey through the life of Christ, probing the mind of the adventurer along the way with pointed questions intended to stimulate independent thoughts and questions. The journey leads to the throne of grace where an individual can make an informed decision to commitment their lives to Jesus Christ. The other version serves the same purpose, like I said, the only difference being presentational style. This version is more concise and may be more intended for persons who are not as "skeptical."

I think you'll find both of these websites to be profoundly impacting, both for you personally, in strengthening your faith, and for someone who needs to meet Jesus. You'll want to take a look at each one for your own personal benefit, and you might find that in doing so, you can more knowingly point others towards the site you think might best introduce them to the Savior.

Gratefully yours in Christ,
Elvin L. Ridder
U.S. Ministries Development Coordinator


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