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Are We Ready For Revival?
Zephaniah 2:1-3
Zephaniah 2-3 Kingdom of God Fishing Net Ezra- Key to Revival
Restoration & Revival        
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Are We Ready For “REVIVAL”?



A highly respected rabbi by the name of Judah Ben Samuel made an accurate and very detailed prophecy around 1217, accurately predicting Israel’s rebirth.  He also indicated 1217 was a Jubilee year.  So every 100 years would mark the passing of another two Jubilee years.  So let’s take a careful look at some significant events that have occurred on recent years Ben Samuel indicated were Jubilee years.


First, what is a Jubilee year?  Essentially it’s a special year in God’s cycle of Holy Days and years where all the land that the Israelites had received as their personal inheritances was returned to the original owners (if they sold it or lost it through debt or something).  Also, all debts were cancelled (cf. Leviticus 25:8-17).


1917:  The Ottoman Turks were driven out of the Middle East and all of Palestine, and the British Empire declared in its Balfour declaration that Palestine was to be a homeland for the Jews.  Although the British foolishly promised the same patch of land to both Arabs and Jews, many Jews were able to avail themselves of the freedom to move back to Palestine, into the ancient Promised Land of Israel.  This flow of Jews increased from a trickle to a flood during and right after World War II, until finally the Israeli nation was founded in 1948. 


1967:  1) It was in this year, another Jubilee of rabbi Judah Ben Samuel, that the Six Day War occurred.  After six days, the Israeli nation gained control over the entire West Bank, Gaza and the entire Sinai Peninsula, as well as the sole sovereign ownership of all Jerusalem (Old and New). 

          2)  A massive spiritual revival started occurring within the Body of Christ, within its three major branches, the Gentile Christians (the Jesus Movement of the Hippies started off the Calvary Chapel Movement), the Messianic Jewish Revival (starting under Martin Chernoff, and now numbering about 1 million Messianic Jewish believers in Jesus), and this revival also extended into the Sabbath-keeping Churches of God (growing to 150,000 members from 1968 through the 1970s).  I came into the Body of Christ in 1970 through this last group and was amazed at how many new people were being called into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Bible, right within my own denomination.  Pastor Joe Focht came into the Body of Christ through the Calvary Chapel Revival a few years after I came to Christ, in 1972.  To view some articles about these three groups check these links out:


The Jesus Movement/Calvary Chapel Movement: 


The Messianic Jewish Movement:



The Sabbath-keeping Churches of God (coming from the Worldwide Church of God):


What should we expect to happen in 2017?  Well, considering Jesus said in Matthew 24:14 that the Gospel would be preached to the entire world, and then the end, World War III would come, leading directly to his 2nd coming to put an end to that devastating war, I would say, judging from the current condition of the Body of Christ, we need a massive spiritual revival within the Body of Christ.  Pastor Joe Focht spoke of his desire and the need for this in a sermon he was giving in 2014.  He said this, “You know, and we can be in the Church long enough and be around all that long enough, familiarity breeds contempt, we can get desensitized.  I remember, I got saved in ’72, everybody’s reading Late Great Planet Earth and Satan Is Alive And Well, you know, Hal Lindsey’s books, and everybody was excited, you know, 1972, ’73, ’74, you shared Jesus with everybody, everybody was an evangelist, everybody was a pastor, everybody was in ministry, everybody was engaged, because we believed Jesus was coming, everyday it was a huge part of evangelism, there was a Revival, the Holy Spirit was moving, incredible things were happening, and there was conviction, you weren’t just reading the Bible, ‘Ok, I’ll put it down in the Lost & Found until next Sunday,’ people read the Bible, ‘How do I be a husband?  How do I be a wife?  How do I raise kids?  What should I do with my drugs, what should I do with the alcohol?  What should I do with my sexual activity?’  Everybody was looking, there was conviction, there were remarkable things happening.  And we thought for sure Jesus was going to come by 1980, he didn’t come.  1981, he didn’t show up.  1990 he wasn’t here.  1995, 2004, what’s the deal?  Now here we are at 2014.  Pretty soon we’ll be so hard of hearing, when the Trumpet blows I’m not going to be able to hear it.  [laughter]  No, you’ll hear that with other than eardrums, I guarantee ya.  What we have to be careful of, I look at the news today, and I know that he could come at any moment [for the Church, that is, either taking them to a place of safety or a rapture to the New Jerusalem, that heavenly city Abraham was looking for, prior to our coming back to earth with Jesus Christ to rule the world and put down WWIII.  It is debatable as to whether this rapture/place of safety removal from harms way occurs just before the 7 year tribulation or just before the start of WWIII, which occurs 3.5 years into the tribulation period of time.  People can debate and speculate all they want, I’m just gonna wait and see how God does it.  God promised our protection, regardless of how he does it, in Revelation 3:10].  I’m praying that we’ll see a great revival before he comes.  I think of so many lost.  But we have become desensitized to the world we live in, we’ve become desensitized to sin, we’ve become desensitized to the world, the heathen world that’s around us.  I was listening to somebody the other day, and he said ‘You know, raising kids, he said, years ago I thought one thing, but now, have your kids in home-school or a Christian school,’ or he said, ‘these days not putting your kids in a Christian school, it’s kind of like Abraham saying to Sarah, ‘Did you go down and enroll Isaac in the Canaanite school yet?  You know, the Canaanite bus is going to start coming to pick him up, and we need to get him down there,’ and just the way the world has changed, and what they’re teaching in public schools, and just 55 million abortions since Roe v. Wade, think of what we’ve turned to, and we’re desensitized to it, we’ve become numb to it.  You say, ‘The Canaanites were terrible, what they did,’ the Canaanite’s record doesn’t even come close to what’s happened here since 1973, it doesn’t even come close to the blood that is flowing here in the world that we live in.  And I look around, and I realize, and his goodness and his mercy endures forever, I love reading that, ‘Praise you the Lord, sing his mercies,’ because I know he’s coming, and he’s justified to come at any moment.  I pray that we might see one more great ingathering before he comes, I pray that, I think of the revival in Wales in 1904, that was an inside-out revival.  The Church was so cool, the Church needed to be set ablaze, and it poured out into the community, and evangelism was a byproduct, and millions turned to Christ.  1969-70, the Jesus Movement was an outside-in revival, just Hippies and just the whole counter-culture, everybody started getting saved, I remember witnessing to people high on LSD and they would pray the sinners prayer, and be straight, the Lord would bring them right down!  And people were getting saved coming into the Church, it was an outside-in revival.  I think we’re ready for an inside-out revival again.  The Church needs to be set ablaze again.  And if you don’t need revival, pray for me, because I do, I need to be set ablaze, I need my heart to be on fire again.  Because I can be very selfish and very comfortable…I can be very selfish and very comfortable, and there’s people going to hell all around me.  There’s things in my life that are not Christlike.  On the other side, I am so encouraged, because his mercy does endure forever.  He loves me, he’s called me, as he’s called you.  My life has a purpose, like yours does, we’re all measured off of the chief cornerstone, every one of us here is relative to that cornerstone.  It should determine how we get up, how we go to bed, what we do during the day, what we say to people, what we think of morality, what we do with our children, what we do with our spouses, we should be measuring our life off of that chief cornerstone.  Because God is building something that the world isn’t.”  So we should all be praying and looking for a Holy Spirit-driven Revival within the greater Body of Christ.  Will something significant happen in the nation of Israel and the Middle East in the year 2017?  We will just have to watch, wait and see.


For another related link see,  and start reading from Zephaniah 2:1-3]. 


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