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Where Does Islamic Terrorism Fit In With End-Time Bible Prophecy?--daily newspapers reflect a growing trend--what does it mean?


Attacks halt vital Iraqi oil exports

Security chief, 3 soldiers killed.

Baghdad, Iraq-Insurgents struck at the heart of Iraq's economic livelihood yesterday, blasting a major pipeline to halt vital oil exports and killing the top security chief for the northern oil fields.Due to damage inflicted on the two pipelines, the pumping of oil to the Basra oil terminal has completely stopped.Exports were halted last month through Iraq's other export avenue---the northern pipeline from Kirkuk to Ceyhan, Turkey-after a May 25 bombing.Gunmen killed Ghazi charge of protecting the northern oil fields." (AP)

Mall plot suspect to receive testing COLUMBUS, Ohio-A man charged with plotting to blow up a shopping mall slammed his face on a table and smiled vacantly yesterday in a courtroom where a federal magistrate ordered tests to determine whether he is competent to stand trial.plotting with admitted Al-Qaida member Iyman Faris, who is now imprisoned for.plans to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge." (AP)

2 youths among 4 killed in Afghanistan bomb hit KABUL, Afghanistan-A bomb hit a car used by NATO-led peacekeepers in northern Afghanistan yesterday, killing four civilians including two children, police said.

          The attack came a week after 11 Chinese workers were shot in their beds in the same province, and a day after President Bush lauded Afghanistan as the "first victory in the war on terror."."(AP)

Bush boosts military ties with Pakistan

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