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Some good examples and resources for pre-evangelism:

Chuck Missler's Koinonia House:
CLICK ON: , scroll down to the box that says "Visit Our STORE" (near the bottom left of the page) and click on it. On the left side of the page that comes up under the title "BROWSE", click on "briefing packs". One the page that comes up are listed various tape series "briefing packs". The first one titled "Basic Bible Studies" has a briefing pack named "Feasts of Israel", which is an excellent study of the Jewish Holy Days of Leviticus 23 from a prophetic point of view.

Scroll down a little more and you come to "Prophetic Updates" which is a whole series of excellent pre-evangelistic prophetic tape series.

Beneath this series is the "Cosmic Codes" series, and beneath this is the "Creator" series, both of which are excellent for refuting evolutionary theory. To read some excellent excerpts from Chuck Missler's book "Creator Beyond Space and Time, CLICK HERE. (These short excerpts themselves are excellent in refuting evolutionary theory in a way science professors would find difficult to deal with.)"

Fred Heeren's :

  1. "Show Me God" (book) [already targeted to a world audience.] To access an excellent short example of Mr. Heeren's work, CLICK HERE. Feel free to download it and print it up. Pass it around to your non-Christian skeptic friends. This is an excellent article written by Mr. Heeren on creation vs. Evolution.] Read these articles now:

    The Bible and the Big Bang

    How Far Back in time can we actualy see?

    How Big is the Universe?

    [To order Fred Heeren's book "SHOW ME GOD", write Searchlight, 326 S. Wille Avenue, Wheeling, IL, 60090, or call 1-708-541-5200.
    (ISBN 1-885849-51-6)]

  2. Roger Oakland's ministry, called "Understanding the Times", 1-800-689-1888. He also has some very good Creation vs. Evolution material, as well as material on prophecy.

  3. Chuck Smith's four cassette series "END TIMES, World Events & The Return of Jesus Christ.", available by calling 1-800-272-WORD or online at: , click on "Product", then on "Pastor Chuck Smith's Materials", and then on "Audio Tapes", then on "Specially designed tape packs to encourage and stimulate spiritual growth." Scroll down to "END TIMES, World Events & The Return of Jesus Christ."

  4. Evolution: Science or Idolatry? Two new videos present irrefutable new scientific evidence that effectively demolishes Charles Darwin's unproven theory of evolution. Unlocking the Mystery of Life is a powerful compelling scientific documentary advancing a powerful idea: the theory of intelligent design. Using state-of-the-art computer animation, you will see the unmistakable hallmarks of design within our very cells. Then, through professional and yet engaging interviews with scientific experts in Icons of Evolution, you will come to understand the incorrect assumptions and data used by Darwin--and the scientific facts that refute them.
Icons of Evolution (video)

Suggested donation U.S.: $20
Purchase price in Canada: $25.99

Unlocking the Mystery of Life (video)

Suggested donation U.S.: $20
Purchase price in Canada: $25.99

The Evolution Set (two videos)

Suggested donation U.S.: $34
Purchase price in Canada:$44.75 


Send orders along with check for suggested donation c/o:

Focus on the Family,
Colorado Springs, CO

Controversy between "Young Earth vs. Old Earth" Creationists--some sound explanations. CLICK HERE to read, print up or download.

  1. To use "The Day the Dinosaurs Died" three article Evolution package as a powerful evangelistic tool for distribution amongst high school and college students in the vicinity of your congregation, click on either link below and print up copies of the one-page ad "SEE HOW DINOSAURS TAKE A BITE OUT OF EVOLUTION". (One is in color and the other is in black & white.) If so desired, you can print up your church's address, phone number, and times of worship on the back of these one-page ads.

    "DINOSAURS TAKE A BITE." (black & white)

    "DINOSAURS TAKE A BITE." (color version)

Realize, that almost any properly explained expository study on second coming/Millennial kingdom-age prophecies can be good pre-evangelism harvesting tools. The fields are white for harvest, just like Jesus told us they would be. Paul said we are Ambassadors for Christ, representing both Jesus and the Kingdom of God, our heavenly country from above. Pre-evangelism is one of our key harvesting tools which the Lord has given us, and this tool is mostly unused in the very parts of the world where it could prove most effective, in the educated, technological nations of the world.

Here are two articles that prove God's Word and demonstrate where we are in the grand scheme of things in God's plan spelled out in advance through Bible prophecy: (click on each to access them. Print them up, put your church address on the end page of each, distribute them and pray earnestly for results--prayer must accompany the preaching of the gospel for it to succeed.)

  1. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, an expository study of Luke 21:10-28.
  2. Prophesied Gentile World Empires to the 2nd Coming of Christ.
  4. The Eye Defeats Evolution
  5. There Ought To Be A Law Against Evolution
  6. Marvelous Design
  7. The Bible & Science...

"For further reading on this subject you may wish to purchase these two books. First, "The Second Coming", by John MacArthur, Jr. With the year 2000 upon us, it's understandable that Christians should wonder and hope--could Jesus be returning? Pastor MacArthur explores this possibility, taking a careful, exegetical look at Jesus' words in Matthew 24 and 25. Cautioning against trying to guess the day or hour, he encourages believers everywhere to pray, "Come, Lord Jesus!" 288 pages, hardcover from Crossway Books. Available online from or try . The other book is "The Last Days According to Jesus", by R.C. Sproul. In his first book on eschatology, Sproul answers critics--like Bertrand Russell--by focussing on what Jesus himself taught about the last days and the timing of his return. The trusted theologian addresses such questions as: Who is the antichrist? What generation will witness the end? and When is the millennium? His answers may surprise you! 192 pages, hardcover from Baker. Available online from or try .

Another new book by John MacArthur that is timely after September 11th is "Terrorism, Jihad and the Bible". MacArthur uses his extensive knowledge of the Bible and the history of the Middle East to answer definitive questions about the age-old conflict between the three faiths originating in the Middle East...He traces the roots of violence in Islam, pointing to both history and passages from the Koran...This book is also available online at or try .

Herbert Armstrong's

  1. "The Wonderful World Tomorrow, What It Will Be Like"
  2. "The Book of Revelation"
  3. "Who Is the Beast"
  4. "Famine! Can We Survive?"
  5. "World Crisis In Agriculture"

"These out of print booklets were all highly effective pre-evangelistic tools, along with the hard-hitting article of the Plain Truth Magazine which defeated the theory of evolution."

This is an article written by the editor. If you desire to send comments and opinions, send mail them to "Editor, UNITYINCHRIST.COM, P.O. Box 875, Fitchburg, MA 01420"


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