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The Millennial Kingdom of God -- Reward of the Saints
The Book of Isaiah
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Millennial Kingdom of God

--Reward of the Saints--

For the first several hundred years the Christian church, including the Headquarters church in Jerusalem, attended and run by the apostles, doctrinally taught about a literal Kingdom of God being set up at the time of Jesus Christ’s return to earth. This kingdom would be set up to physically rule over the entire earth. Their doctrinal teaching on this subject—the reward of the saints—was solidly based on all the Old Testament prophecies as well as the ones given by Jesus in the New Testament. Then in the 300’s AD the Christian church, long persecuted by the Roman empire and it’s evil government, was quite suddenly accepted by that government as the “official” religion of the State. Pastors had a genuine quandary, a very touchy issue on their hands. This genuine Bible doctrine about a Millennial Kingdom of God flew right in the face of their new Roman benefactors. “How can we teach a doctrine about the overthrow of the Roman government?” So, gradually, they altered the doctrine about the coming Kingdom of God as the reward of the saints, to ‘You go to heaven, that’s your reward.’ Yes, we are given admittance into the Kingdom of Heaven. But this Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdom of God, as all real Bible scholars know, is going to be established on earth at Jesus’ coming. To learn about this true reward of the saints that Jesus is bringing with him, click on the upper navigation bar titled “Millennial Kingdom of God”. It is a book, placed in PDF format. You can download it to your computer or print it up as a whole document. It’s really good news, being able to learn first-hand about what your rewards in the Kingdom of God really will be—something tangible, and something that’s going to last forever.
The second file in this section is my own color-coded commentary version of the Book of Isaiah. Many prophecies about the Millennial Kingdom of God and what it will be like are in the book of Isaiah, as well as a large number of 2nd coming of Jesus Christ prophecies. This also is a PDF file, which you can either download or print up. Click on it’s upper nav. bar to access it.

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