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Part III

Who Should We Give To?

The major portion of one's tithe/offerings should always go to the Christian organization that most nourishes that individual spiritually. Paul said that the church is the mother of us all, i.e. our spiritual Mom. God is our Father in heaven who begot us. We were born-again into the church, the body of Christ. We each have different Mom's in the sense that some of us were born into different Christian churches than others. So whoever was or is currently functioning as your spiritual Mom, providing weekly nourishment through a pastor and church services, Bible studies, prayer-meetings etc., that is the Christian organization that should receive the major portion of your tithe/offerings.

As mentioned before, a whole host of quality Christian evangelical and teaching ministries have sprung up around the world, and a lot of them are non-denominational or inter-denominational. They all serve to spread the gospel and help nourish and disciple Christians around the world. As such, they also are worthy of our financial attention as well as our prayers. So a Christian should also consider donating a smaller portion of his or her tithe/offerings (I would say no more than one third) to a worthy Christian evangelical or teaching ministry that benefits the whole body of Christ across denominational lines. [i.e. I donate about 12 dollars a week to the JESUS Film Project, and the rest of my tithe/offering goes to the church I attend.] George Mueller set this example for us by donating a portion of the funds given to him for his Christian work and orphan houses, and he donated it to qualified Christian evangelical and teaching ministries. To name just a few that I have come across that are reputable and worthy in both these categories:

  1. EVANGELISM: Campus Crusade for Christ International's JESUS Film Project ( On this site, log onto "What is Evangelism?" and then onto the article "The JESUS Film Project" to learn more about this Christian evangelical organization that is spreading the gospel around the world in a highly effective manner, and totally non-denominationally. Many Christian churches and denominations now support this worthy organization, and many Christian churches are being planted around the world as a direct result of their efforts coupled to the Lord's massive calling of people through the JESUS film. Their address is THE JESUS FILM PROJECT, PO BOX 628222, ORLANDO, FLORIDA 32862-9841. To learn more from them click on the above hypertext.

  2. CHRISTIAN VERSION OF C.A.R.E.: Samaritan's Purse. Online: . "To learn more about this incredible work of Christian caring and evangelism log onto their site, email them and ask if they could send you Franklin Graham's autobiography, which will thoroughly describe this work of God and how it got started." To read an interesting description of what Samaritan's Purse is all about CLICK HERE."

  3. Mission Aviation Fellowship, P.O. Box 3202 Redlands, CA 92373-0998. For a description of this group that assists and supplies evangelists in remote parts of the world, click on "What is Evangelism?" and then on "Mission Aviation Fellowship". They are a small group that has a far-reaching effect on evangelism. To visit MAF online, log onto:

  4. Gospel For Asia:

  5. TEACHING MINISTRIES: Dr. Charles Stanley's InTouch Ministries, P.O. Box 7900, Atlanta, Georgia 30357. Online: . An example of his work can be read in the section "What is Prayer?", article "Learning to Pray The Bible Way." The aim of his ministry is to help pastors and their congregations grow by providing quality Christian growth resources (just like this website, but he has far more to offer!). "Our Mission Is To Lead People Into A Growing Relationship With Jesus Christ And To Strengthen The Local Church." Not a bad mission, Dr. Stanley.

  6. The Word For Today, PO Box 8000, Costa Mesa, California 92628. Online . (This is the Christian resource ministry of the Calvary Chapel movement.)

  7. Sister-Church Links:
    1. Southeast Asia, Africa

So we see that other than the churches and denominations we belong to that should be receiving the major portion of our tithe/offerings, there are deserving quality Christian organizations that one can and should give a smaller portion of those tithe/offerings to. As George Mueller stated, such organizations, like the few listed above, should be wholly and completely run and founded by Christians, and they should believe and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are plenty of small Christian teaching ministries that are also worthy of our support, but often go unnoticed. There is nothing wrong with giving a smaller portion of your tithe/offerings to these as well. The ultimate choice is yours. The body of Christ is starting to move and function inter-denominationally and the flow of funding is vital to the Work Jesus is now performing through these varied works of his. Don't miss out on the opportunity to serve and assist the Works Jesus is doing around the world. Let God's Spirit and Word be your guide. I have noticed that some of these organizations (unlike the principles of George Mueller), have to advertise their needs amongst other Christians and Christian groups to obtain sufficient funding. This is not wrong and probably necessary because they are not a denomination or church with a wide base of givers supporting them. Their asking is essential to the furtherance of the works the Lord is working through them, and should not to be confused with the grabbing attitude displayed by less than reputable televangelists who ask and beg the public for money. [ABOUT THIS SITE: GOALS & NEEDS]




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