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"Gifts and Giving"


First, let us realize that we live in perilous times, some would even say these are the end times. Man's technological ability to be able to literally kill all life off this planet 10 times over by very conservative estimates would indicate this may be true. Man's creation of deadlier and deadlier weapons and weapons' systems continues. Parts of the world are always going into and out of famines and civil wars all the time now as a regular occurrence. Ultimately, there will only be one solution to man's inability to rule over himself and the planet the Lord placed him on, and that will be the actual return of the Lord himself. But on this subject, Jesus told his apostles and disciples that just prior to his return, the gospel of the kingdom of God would be preached around the world (Matthew 24:14). He commissioned his apostles and disciples and all that would follow in their steps to preach the gospel and baptize all that would heed their message of the gospel (Matthew 28:18-20). Jesus has started to bring this to pass through many high quality Christian evangelistic and teaching ministries that are now spanning the globe in their outreach. Some of these ministries are denominational and some are non-denominational or inter-denominational Christian organizations. All these quality Christian evangelistic and teaching ministries survive and go forward enabled by the Holy Spirit and coupled to a high degree of financial commitment and support from a small but growing group of Christians from all the denominations.

What are God's Biblical principles of Gifts & Giving? I will answer that question in three parts:

  1. The proper attitude we should all have toward giving, especially for those who are the receivers of Christian gifts and tithe/offerings.
  2. The Biblical rules of Giving spelled out in the Bible for the Givers.
  3. Who Should We Give To?
    a. The major portion of one's tithe/offerings should go to the Christian organization that most nourishes that individual spiritually. This is almost always the local congregation or denomination a person belongs to. Some denominations have strict tithing rules tied to their membership while others don't. Calvary Chapel hardly ever teaches about tithing, but is generously blessed buy their member's financial support.
    b. A Christian should also consider donating a smaller portion of his or her tithe/offerings (no more that 33 percent), to a worthy evangelical or teaching ministry that benefits the whole body of Christ across denominational lines. George Mueller set this example for us by donating a portion of the funds the Lord was providing him and his work, and he donated this portion to qualified Christian evangelical organizations and Christian schools (teaching ministries).



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