Christian Legal Defense Organizations


As John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute says, “The battle for religious freedom grows more and more urgent with every passing day as greater numbers of Christians find themselves discriminated against---even fired---because of their religious beliefs.”


Below are listed the two websites and addresses for the two major legal defense organizations that are actively defending Christians and their 1st Amendment rights:






About the Rutherford Institute:


for legal assistance, email:


phone: 434-978-3888 (8:30AM---5:00PM)


The American Center for Law and Justice,

P.O. Box 90555

Washington D.C.  20090-0555


About the ACLJ


for legal assistance


legal helpline phone:  757-226-2489


If you are having a legal problem which involves being discriminated for your religious beliefs, contact either one of those organizations.  If you wish to lend a hand in support of either one of these fine Christian legal defense organizations, donation information is on their websites as well (or you can send donations to their above addresses, no cash please).  Who knows, you may need their help some day.  Their services are free, paid for by the generosity of other Christians like yourself.  These two organizations are becoming more important day by day, as Mr. Rutherford has pointed out.  (I try to send one of these organizations $5 a month, minimum.  Many hands make light work, and who knows, you may need their services some day soon, times are getting worse in the Christian rights arena.)